420 ind velourbrownOur Architectural Collection consist of smooth and velour textured brick in a range of colors including pastels, earth-tones, grays and black.  The collection contains various shades of gray, rose, and buff as well as black and brown.  This wide range of color and texture make them the ideal choice for many commercial construction projects.  This collection includes our Admix brick which have the color throughout the entire body of the brick.







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Velour Brown Showcase

Architectural Collection

  • mod antiquered
    Antique Red
  • mod cherokeeflash
    Cherokee Flash
  • mod cherokeered
    Cherokee Red
  • mod mossyoak
    Heirloom Mossy Oak
  • photocomingsoon
    Old Birmingham
  • mod sandhill
  • ms smooth black
    Smooth Black
  • mod smoothbrown
    Smooth Brown
  • photocomingsoon
    Smooth Burgundy
  • photocomingsoon
    Smooth Burgundy Ironspot
  • mod smoothmaroon
    Smooth Maroon
  • photocomingsoon
    Smooth Red Ironspot
  • mod velourblack
    Velour Black
  • mod velourbrown
    Velour Brown
  • mod velourbuff
    Velour Buff
  • vel burgundy
    Velour Burgundy
  • photocomingsoon
    Velour Burgundy Ironspot
  • mod velourcherokeerose
    Velour Cherokee Rose
  • mod velourdkgray
    Velour Dark Gray
  • vel dixie rose
    Velour Dixie Rose
  • mod velourflash
    Velour Flash
  • mod velourltgray
    Velour Light Gray
  • mod velourmaroon
    Velour Maroon
  • vel med gray
    Velour Medium Gray
  • photocomingsoon
    Velour Mossy Oak
  • vel oatmeal
    Velour Oatmeal
  • mod velourprimrose
    Velour Primrose
  • mod velourred
    Velour Red
  • photocomingsoon
    Velour Red Ironspot
  • photocomingsoon
    Velour Rosewood
  • ms sahara blend
    Velour Sahara Blend

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