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Cherokee Brick's Modular and Queen size brick are a collection of traditional, wire cut brick.  This collections contains brick in various color ranges to suit any home owner's desire.  These brick are also manufactured in various finishes that will add character to any building project.

This collection has brick that are available in reds, browns, earth-tones and pinks.  In addition to Modular Size and Queen Size the brick in this collection are also available in other sizes through special runs.  King Size, Utility, Norman, Closure, 6" Norwegian, 4" Norwegian, and Monarch may also be available.  Please call the plant for pricing and availability. For more, look here

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Portsmouth Showcase

Modular | Queen Size Brick

  • eighteenth century
    18th Century
  • mod augusta
  • mod autumnsmoke
    Autumn Smoke
  • berkley
  • qs brookhaven
  • mod englishrose
    English Rose
  • mod gaflash
    Georgian Flash
  • mod gamaroon re
    Georgian Maroon
  • mod gared
    Georgian Red
  • mod stjames
    Georgian St. James
  • mod jefferson
  • mod kennesaw
  • mod mobileblend
    Mobile Blend
  • photocomingsoon
    Mojave Brown
  • mod naples
  • mod natchez
  • old fredrica
    Old Fredrica
  • mod oldmacon
    Old Macon C/R
  • mod oldrichmond
    Old Richmond
  • mod portsmouthtumbled
  • mod providence
  • mod salem
    Salem R/E
  • mod sapelo
  • photocomingsoon
    St. Croix
  • vel range 2
    Velour Range II
  • wesleyan flash
    Wesleyan Flash
  • photocomingsoon
    Wesleyan Red
  • mod williamsburg

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