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Whitesburg Brick Project Georgia Chicago Used and St. Louis Brick
Classic Augusta Georgia

Classic Beauty. Timeless Durability.

Cherokee Brick is proud to carry on the tradition laid by generations of brickmakers in delivering construction solutions that will withstand the test of time.

Founded in 1877, Cherokee Brick has sought product innovation as a professional brick manufacturing company hallmark, continually refining our production and laying processes to fit and enhance nearly any application. Today, we have the capability to manufacture over 100 different varieties from our Georgia and Mississippi plants. Our capacity has also expanded, allowing us to meet the demands of customers hailing from diverse industries nationwide.

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Georgia Classic

Our Georgia Classic Collection includes some of our most loved products, both for residential and commercial applications.

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Berkely / Light Gray

Mississippi Classic

With distinctive texturing details and natural color variations, this collection will give you exceptional results.

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Berkely / Light Gray
Andersonville / Ivory Mortar

Georgia Handcrafted

Nothing compares to the signature texture or captures the warmth of the artisan spirit like our Georgia handcrafted traditional brick.

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Andersonville / Ivory Mortar
Bourbon Streeet / Desert Buff Mortar

Mississippi Handcrafted

Our handcrafted Mississippi brick is one of our most popular styles for those looking for that traditional reclaimed brick look.

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Bourbon Streeet / Desert Buff Mortar
Ponte Vedra / Ivory


Cherokee Brick has paired the authentic look of handmade brick with an innovative manufacturing process to create this distinctive collection.

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Ponte Vedra / Ivory
Velour Brown


Our Architectural brick collection offer exceptional durability and a consistent color range for commercial projects.

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Velour Brown

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    LSU Cypress Hall


    A superior building product.

    • Better return on investment
    • Virtually no maintenance for 100 years 
    • Lowers insurance cost and has a 1-hour fire rating
    • Capable of withstanding huricane force winds and sustained deluges
    • Naturally rot and mold resistent
    • Increases home curbside appeal
    • Environmentally responsible from using locally sourced materials
    • Improves energy efficiency in your home
    Handcrafted Charleston Brick

    Eco Friendly

    50-50 blend of Chiciago Used and Old St. Louis



    Classic Brookhaven with Antique Buff Mortar Brick


    Handcrafted Old Savannah with Ivory Mortar


    Classic Magnolia Jett Sett Brick


    Building a Greener Tommorow

    The Most Sustainable Green Building Material Made

    Brick is a natural building material made from raw materials that has been in use for thousands of years.   As a building material, brick is durable and energy efficient. The manufacturing process has minimal waste and many recycling options, making brick an environmentally sound choice.

    Classic Greystone Brick

    Andersonville Thin Brick

    Natural Ingredients

    Building environmentally responsible means building with brick. Brick are made from naturally abundant clay and shale. Because brick breathes and allows water to evaporate it is beneficial to help with moisture issues. In addition to lowering energy consumption because of inherent thermal properties, brick is non-flammable and non-combustible.

    Recycling Options

    Brick is a naturally excellent insulator and maximizes the thermal efficiency of your home and your budget while minimizing your environmental footprint.
    Cherokee Brick’s manufacturing process starts directly from Georgia soil. We source all of our materials locally, reducing greenhouse emissions from transportation. As a result, our process yields no waste in raw materials, while our kilns run exclusively on both natural and methane gas that is diverted from local landfills.

    Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

    At Cherokee Brick, our clay mixture is never wasted. All of our clay material is consumed at some point during our manufacturing process. Anything left over can be reused or converted into other products throughout our brick manufacturing company.
    Our kilns run on both natural and methane gas. For decades, Cherokee has piped methane gas from the local landfill to use as fuel in our kilns.