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Handcrafted Mississippi Brick Collection

Our handcrafted Mississippi brick is one of our most popular styles for those customers looking for that traditional reclaimed brick look. Finding enough reclaimed brick to make your dream project a reality can be difficult. The reclaimed brick look nowadays is extremely popular, and depending on the size of your project, it can be exceedingly difficult to find adequate availability to finish the job correctly. Not to mention that the color and style of the brick might be diverse, meaning if you were looking for a similar shade throughout your project, your desired color might get skewed. Further, reclaimed brick comes with no guarantees; there can be all kinds of flaws and issues with the brick that require you to buy more than you originally needed. Take all this hassle out of the equation with our handcrafted Mississippi brick collection here at Cherokee Brick—all of the reclaimed look, without the flaws.

NOLA Blend with IvoryNOLA Blend with Cream

NOLA Blend

NOLA Blend is a standout brick in our Handcrafted Collection. Handcrafted also known as a tumbled brick can make any project residential or architectural project noticeably striking. The signature texture captures the look and feel of reclaimed or salvaged brick. Our brick is far more structurally sound than salvaged, reclaimed or used brick and much more cost-effective. At Cherokee Brick, we are proud to offer our Handcrafted Collection for builders who want their projects to truly stand out. Call us today to discuss your building or home project and let us help you find the perfect brick.

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