How Cherokee Brick Helped Revive a Historic Property

Posted on June 21, 2023 2:16 PM

Preserving the rich history of our architectural heritage is a task that requires passion, expertise, and collaboration. In the case of a recent restoration project in Minden, LA, Cherokee Brick stepped up to the challenge and played a vital role in reviving a historic property alongside Sara McDaniel and many other sponsors.

The Historic Property

The historic property in question? The Villas at Spanish Court. Sara mentioned on her Instagram (@simplysoutherncottage): “The former owner of these 1931 historic villas shared they had been vacant since the 1980s. And it was very evident the elements had about taken them over.”

Cherokee Brick had the privilege providing the brick that created these gorgeous brick patios at the villas. The final product of this renovation is truly an amazing transformation and is absolutely gorgeous!

A Brick Manufacturer Committed to Tradition

With decades of experience in the industry, Cherokee Brick has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and dedication to traditional brick. A commitment to preserving the heritage of brick production, combined with a passion for historic preservation, made Cherokee Brick the perfect partner for the renovation project.

Preserving the Community's Identity

Beyond the brick itself, this renovation project ignited a renewed sense of community pride. The locals became engaged, offering their support and admiration for what Sara had set out to do for The Villas. The rejuvenated property is seen as a symbol of the town's rich history, serving as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

Inspiration for Future Restoration

The collaboration between brick manufacturer, designers, and other experts served as a powerful example for future restoration projects. The commitment to authenticity and attention to detail set a high standard for the industry. The success of this endeavor will hopefully inspire other property owners and developers to follow suit, ensuring that historical buildings across the town and beyond receive the love and care they deserve.

Lucky for you, reservations at The Villas are now open! Visit Sara’s website to book your stay in Minden.

The team at Cherokee Brick is honored to have had a hand in this amazing renovation project. If you are looking to restore a historic property, please feel free to contact us when it comes to incorporating brick into your project!

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