Brick Sizing

Whether you’re planning a new home build or a renovation, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. A big part of maximizing the efficiency of your design is choosing the right size brick to match your needs. You may opt for the best price per cubic foot, or you might want something a bit more ornate. Whatever your preference, you can count on Cherokee Brick to deliver the perfect solution for your project.


Modular bricks are amongst the most common types of bricks in use, as they are designed to offer a wider range of bond patterns. Because courses of modular bricks fit neatly into 4” x 4” grids (this figure takes the thickness of the mortar into account, unlike non-modular construction), designers can create more efficient designs and layouts that minimize the number of bricks that need to be cut in order to accommodate the design parameters. For the layperson, a cut brick equals wasted material and therefore higher overall costs.


One square foot of wall will only require 5 queen bricks as opposed to 7 modular bricks, giving you more bang for your buck in exchange for a compromise on design flexibility. Queen size bricks also boast a larger face size, requiring less mortar and a shorter installation time. Queen bricks are also about ¼ of a pound lighter than modular bricks.

Engineered (Modular
and Non-Modular)

Of all our brick, engineered bricks provide the greatest structural integrity. Because these bricks are produced in exceptionally hot kiln temperatures, the ceramic bonds for more densely, locking out moisture better than other bricks while offering increased load-bearing properties. These are ideal for commercial applications.

Custom Sizes for
Commercial Applications

Cherokee Brick is fully equipped to produce any size and configuration of brick in quantity when there is sufficient demand to do so. Commercial developers appreciate our flexibility and precision in manufacturing the construction materials they need to complete their projects. If you’re not quite sure which option is right for you, our experienced team will consult with you to identify your needs and meet them with confidence.

Thin Brick

Thin Brick is the face of the brick, excellent for indoor use. Thin Brick-We can make thin brick in any color using any brick. Thin Brick is just the face of the brick, approximately ½ inch deep.

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