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Handcrafted Collection

Our Handcrafted collection captures the look of reclaimed (used) brick but meets the modern-day ASTM standards.  We are proud to offer our Handcrafted Collection for builders who want their project to truly stand out from the crowd.

Reclaimed Brick vs. Our Handcrafted Collection

Reclaimed brick goes by many names – “old brick,” “salvaged brick” and “used brick” to name a few, can fall short to our quality Handcrafted and Antebellum collections.

Our Handcrafted and Antebellum Collection provides the look of reclaimed brick and are manufactured to modern day ASTM standards. With a broad color range to choose from, you can complement and enhance the aesthetics of your property, raising its resale value significantly and returning your investment many times over.

Add a Personalized Touch to Your Home Remodel With Our Handcrafted Collection.
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