Why Choose Brick

Why Choose Brick?

  • Better return on investment
  • Virtually no maintenance for 100 years 
  • Lowers insurance cost and has a 1-hour fire rating
  • Increases home curbside appeal
  • Environmentally responsible from using locally sourced materials
  • Improves energy efficiency in your home
Why Choose Brick

Why Choose Brick?

Clay brick offers numerous advantages over other building materials. Financially, brick offers unparalleled return on investment, as it minimizes your maintenance and insurance costs while boosting the curbside appeal and resale value of your home. Brick houses provide peace of mind regarding the safety of your family, providing superior protection against fire, storms, mold and insect infestations. Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate having an energy-efficient home built from sustainable, locally sourced materials. While it’s true that the upfront costs of brick are higher than other options, the long-term benefits vastly outweigh your initial expenses.

Help Protect Your Family from
Fire, Wind, Water and Mold

Brick kilns reach temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees, fusing clay together to form densely compressed ceramic bonds. This process creates clay brick and is inherently flame resistant, greatly reducing your risk of injury or loss to fire.

Since clay brick is rigid and impermeable, it allows it to withstand hurricane-force wind gusts and sustained deluges. Because brick is so resistant to moisture penetration, you won’t have to worry about rot or mold growth undermining the structural integrity of your home.


Go Green with Red Brick

Brick is a naturally excellent insulator and maximizes thermal efficiency of your home and your budget while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Cherokee Brick’s manufacturing process starts directly from Georgia soil. We source all of our materials locally, reducing greenhouse emissions from transportation. As a result, our process yields no waste in raw materials, while our kilns run exclusively on both natural and methane gas that is diverted from local landfills.


A Smarter Investment

You won’t find another building material with a lower life-cycle cost than brick.  In fact, brick hardly requires any maintenance at all, since it resists harsh weather elements and never needs repainting. Insurance companies love brick houses, because they pose much less of a risk for damage and loss, resulting in savings on homeowner’s insurance.

Brick has been around for thousands of years, and it doesn’t look to be going out of fashion any time soon. With rustic good looks and timeless class, brick houses only ever increase in value. When considering the aforementioned savings together with enhanced resale value, it becomes clear that brick is the material you can’t afford NOT to build with!


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